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Finally a glove set to give you more outfit and cosplay options and no need to draw on the skin anymore!
Mauve Gloves Pack

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Halloween Makeup for your Mauve Avatar!
Mauve Halloween Makeup
Preview animation on Twitter: Mauve Bloody Mouth Material

Mintendo Switchi Update! 3 alternative handheld animations & 3 new games (DOOM, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
Mintendo Switchi

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Ideal for your first Anime avatar or a painless start in Second Life. Wear outfits you own already. No risk if you change to different bodies later. Use only the head or only the body if you want.

Compatible with most fashion items for standard sizes and other popular bodies. The body was tweaked for best compatibility without sacrificing its own non-realistic Anime style.

Use appearance sliders ("fitted mesh"), Bento and body physics.

Carefully hand-made LOD models make you look nice even on low graphics settings while keeping your complexity low.

Less obvious features:

Get it here:
Mauve avatar photo Mauve head expressions and body Mauve body alpha parts Mauve head alpha parts Mauve avatar HUDs



The body uses Bento hands and nothing else so your tails, wings, etc. will be compatible. The head does not need Bento by its very nature.

Small Hair

Scale and move the head and hair. If your hair is rigged increase the "Head Size" appearance slider for your shape. Try to hide parts of the head with the HUD. Do not forget to check your neck!

Version Number

Version numbers like A14-5 are composed of 3 elements:

Creator Support

Body Dummy

Mauve Body Dummy with fitted mesh and Bento armature.



The Blender version comes with a few poses for the armature to test your rig. Use the left and right arrow keys or the timeline to scroll through poses.

The Mauve Body Dummy is licensed under the GPL.
The full text of the license is available here:

Head Commands

Mauve Anime Head Commands

Bento Tail Devkit

Blender scene set up with all you need to get a basic tail rig with a few clicks.
Have a look: Video on Twitter



Bento tail skeleton, test poses, a dummy to copy weights and bones named properly to create compatible animations.

The Bento Tail Devkit is licensed under the GPL.
The full text of the license is available here:


Thank you Aki Ibuki (akkidesu) for your detailed input, feedback, testing and opinions. Without, the avatar and HUD would miss many features that have been received very positively.


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